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Pros and Cons of Tube & Clamp Scaffold Time:2023-07-18

As the rapid development of building materials industry continues to encourage more and more players to enter the market, building materials are constantly upgraded, and the update of scaffolding is more significant,from the initial wooden and bamboo scaffolding to the development of a variety of modern new scaffolding. Will the tube and clamp be eliminated by the market? The answer is no.

Speaking of scaffolding, ringlock scaffold, cuplock scaffold, Tube and clamp scaffolding still has many advantages compared with other scaffolds. 

tube and clamp scaffold.jpg

1. The posts and accessories of tube and clamp scaffolds are less. However, the specifications of the scaffolding provided by the small couplers are diversified, and the 6-meter post parts are completely used in the large span, and the joints are less.

2. The clamp can act on any part of the tube and can be removed and replaced at will. This is more flexible and reasonable than the rosette of ringlock scaffolds.

3. The most important factor is low price and small cost.

However, it has disadvantages as well. 

1. The tube and clamp are light in weight. It is easy to scatter on the ground, and easy to lose, which undoubtedly increases the cost of the project.

2. Relying on the clamps for carrying capacity, the center of the tube and clamp scaffold is easy to deviate, especially the leased tube and clamp products. The inferior quality will affect the safety of the entire frame.