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How to Distinguish Inferior Ringlock Scaffolding and High-Quality Ringlock Scaffolding? Time:2023-07-26

Ringlock scaffolding can help to enhance the performance of your construction projects if you choose the right products with high quality. When it comes to choosing the right product, you may be faced with a confusing situation. It is because you have to consider construction needs, installation methods, ground stability, budget, and height. However, we have made it convenient for you by listing the important criteria and the characteristics of correct construction of ringlock scaffolding.

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Ringlock scaffolding systems have different characteristics, including high load-carrying capacity, higher efficiency, high corrosion resistance, higher safety, and a higher level of versatility. Since its main purpose is loading and unloading, you must choose a high quality scaffolding system for the safety of your workers.

Some characteristics are listed below to help you distinguish between poor quality ring lock scaffolding systems and high quality ring lock scaffolding systems. You should make sure to purchase a modular scaffolding system from a reliable supplier, as small ring lock scaffolding factories do not strictly adhere to quality standards.

1. In the case of inferior steel pipes, there is steel with an uneven composition that contains many impurities. On the other hand, high quality ring lock scaffolding systems are made of high quality steel pipes. 

2. The cost corruption characteristic of the construction industry more or less ensures that the thickness of the steel pipe is reduced. So at the time of purchase, it is not cheap to use Jerry low ringlock scaffolding assemblies.

3. Poor quality scaffolding ring lock products are prone to scratches, damages and cracks. High quality ring lock scaffolding systems are less prone to this. 

4. Inferior Ringlocks have poor bearing capacity while the other has a higher capacity. 

5. You can easily tell the difference between the two by checking the gloss of the molten zinc metal after the galvanizing process, which is not present in inferior systems and is present in high-quality ringlock scaffolding systems.

6. Low quality ringlock scaffolds often have dimensional deviations. Irregular structure will affect the stability of the entire scaffolding system. 

7. You cannot easily bend a high quality ringlock scaffold component. On the other hand, due to the low yield strength, inferior scaffolding products are easy to bend. In some cases, inferior ringlock parts are sold at cheap prices, while high-quality ring lock systems are expensive but durable.