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Precautions for the Assembling of Galvanized Steel Planks Time:2023-06-16

Hot-dip galvanized steel plank is an indispensable auxiliary tool of scaffolding in the construction, shipbuilding, shipyard, 

anti-corrosion construction, and petroleum industry. In addition to fire prevention, lightweight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, 

high compressive strength, tidy appearance, durability, and other merits, steel planks manufactured by ADTO has unique leakage hole 

design to prevent sand accumulation. It is particularly suitable for the operation of shipyard workshops. 

steel scaffolding planks.jpg

No matter what type of galvanized steel scaffolding planks is set up, the materials and processing quality must meet the requirements, and 

unqualified materials must be prohibited to prevent accidents.

Generally, galvanized steel planks must be assembled according to industrial safety operating procedures. For steel scaffolding planks 

installation with a height of more than 15m, there must be design, calculation, detailed drawing, erection plan, approval of the 

superior technical director, and written safety technology disclosure, then it can be erected.

Many construction sites are built without strict rules, so there are many accidents. To reduce the occurrence of accidents, it is necessary 

to ensure that the performance of scaffolds, steel planks, and other accessories is good and meets national standards. We should also 

pay attention to the usual maintenance and inspection of galvanized steel scaffold planks. Once there is damage, it should be replaced 

in time and can not be used.